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Wednesday 18 December, 2013 | RSS Feed

Concert Binoculars

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Concert binoculars allow you to see your favourite singer up close during concerts,every move can be seen in an exciting football game. We will introduce some information about concert binoculars to you. Magnification Recommended magnification: 4x to 10x 1. For open-air concerts, a magnification of 7x to 10x is recommended. 2. For indoor concerts, a magnification of 4x to 8x is recommended. 3. Binoculars with a zoom function that allows you to choose a low or high magnification are recommended if you want to see the artists' facial expressions and the entire onstage performance. Binoculars with greater relative brightness 1. Bright models with a large exit pupil are recommended for use in dimly lit concert halls and at nighttime outdoor performances. 2. Binoculars with optimum optical performance lenses and prisms allow you to see artists' facial expressions more clearly. Compact and lightweight 1. Compact, lightweight binoculars that are easy to carry are recommended. These are also easier to quickly remove and stash in your bag. 2. Lightweight binoculars will put less strain on your arms during long hours of use. Waterproof or water-resistant binoculars Choose waterproof or water-resistant binoculars so you can deal with sudden rains during open-air concerts. Follow these tips, you will definitely pick a best ideal concerts binoculars for yourselves to enjoy your idol’s show time.

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