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Monoculars are small, lightweight, and effective viewing tools during long excursions. They can easily be stuffed into backpack or pocket, and used at a moment's notice.A good magnification range on a general-use monocular is 5-6X. Monoculars for sale with 8x to 10x magnification exist, but may restrict your field of view, and can make for shaky images.In general, the larger the objective size of a monocular, the better the optical performance will be, but the larger and less compact the body will be as well.A longer eye relief means a more comfortable view. Especially for those who wear glasses, should consider monoculars with at least a 14mm eye relief for maximum comfort.Many golfing monoculars feature built-in range finders. Rangefinders gauge the distance to a faraway object, and make getting that perfect shot easier.